Social media has now become an entertaining platform where every day new trends and challenges emerge. Well, a lot of times, not all challenges turn into trends and become popular or viral. But, there are some that literally take the cake with almost everyone giving it a shot. 

instagram pillow challenge by stylebynelli

While most of the world is in Quarantine, social media has become everyone's go-to place when they are bored (and that happens to be a lot these days). We're skipping the whole 'upload a picture from your childhood' trend *eyes rolling* to this new one that seems to have an element of surprise.

instagram pillow challenge by myforteisfashion

While most of the world is on their beds, this new photo trend seems to be one of the aptest ones. It requires you to wear a pillow as a dress. How does it hold itself you may ask? Well just cinch it around the waist with a belt and you're good to go! As bizarre as it sounds, the picture should be taken from an angle where you do not expose your bare behind.

Source : Stylebynelli - Myforteisfashion 

Credit : Instagram